How much does it cost to generate solar power from the factory floor?


As China's economic level continues to develop, more energy is needed in some areas, and most of those used are non-renewable energy. Seeking to replace non-renewable energy has always been our current solution. task. Solar power generation is one of the alternative renewable energy sources. Solar power generation, as its name suggests, is a chemical reaction that uses sunlight to perform photo-electrical transformation.

Factory workshop roof solar power

The factory workshop has always been a large electricity consumer, and the daily electricity consumption is several thousand or even tens of thousands of degrees. The peak electricity consumption of the industrial and commercial industry is about one yuan. The peak of the electricity consumption of the factory is generally on the peak electricity tariff period. This expenditure is for some factories. It is undoubtedly a big expense. In recent years, due to the continuous development of the solar power industry, more and more factories use solar power to power the factory to alleviate the pressure brought by the peak of power consumption. On the other hand, they also respond to the national environmental protection call to enhance their social influence. So, how much does it cost to install solar power on a factory floor? The Huayang Green Building below calculates the account for everyone.

Assume that a factory workshop in Dongguan needs to install solar power. The roof area is 2000 square meters, the installed capacity is 200Kw, the average daily power generation is about 670 degrees, and the monthly power generation is about 20,000 degrees. It can solve the monthly electricity consumption of a factory workshop of about 20,000 or less. power consumption.

How much does it cost to generate solar power on a 2,000-square-foot factory roof? According to the installation of 200kW, the current installation price of the market is as low as 7.0 yuan per watt, and the 200kW factory roof solar power generation needs to invest 1.4 million, which is the input part.

The monthly average power generation is 20,000 degrees, the national PV subsidy is 0.32 yuan per degree, and the industrial and commercial electricity is calculated at 1 yuan per degree. The subsidy for photovoltaic power generation: 240,000 (annual power generation) * 0.32 = 76,800 yuan (one year subsidy), 240,000 *1=240000 yuan (photovoltaic power generation replaces the annual electricity cost of industrial and commercial electricity), 76800+240000=316800 yuan, 1400000/316800=4.42 years. According to the above algorithm, if a factory workshop uses solar power to replace industrial and commercial electricity, the investment will be back in about 4-5 years.