Dongguan family distributed photovoltaic power generation intelligent management upgrade short board


At present, the domestic distributed photovoltaic power generation construction in Dongguan has entered a period of rapid development, and the problems such as sustainable operation have become increasingly prominent. How to manage and control efficient operation and maintenance, equipment failure and safety risks in the production and operation phase, how to improve monitoring and management Timeliness and monitoring data analysis capabilities, how to unify the compatibility of different software and equipment hardware, etc., have become an urgent problem to be solved in the development of the industry.

To this end, Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aerospace Electromechanical (10.310, 0.31, 3.10%)") launched a new generation of photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance management platform - eHorus wisdom cloud, operation and inspection from photovoltaic power plants Evaluation, monitoring and big data applications, intelligent management system development and application, etc. provide a one-stop intelligent management overall solution to make up for the intensive, informatized and intelligent modern operation and maintenance of domestic PV power plants. Board, which can achieve the goal of maximizing the revenue of the power station.


It is understood that the space operation and maintenance service platform is based on eHorus smart cloud, backed by the photovoltaic industry chain, and has a comprehensive third-party consulting platform including the first PV power plant operation and maintenance certification of Rheinland T?V Asia Pacific. O2O coordinated operation and maintenance as a model, and the two-level maintenance and detection and evaluation capabilities are supported, thus constructing a new energy operation and maintenance guarantee system unique to space transportation and maintenance.

The eHorus Smart Cloud Platform introduces aerospace-level database acquisition and analysis technology. It can collect more than 40GB of power station data into the large database of eHorus Smart Cloud every day, establish a millisecond-level time-series data storage system, and conduct distributed photovoltaic power generation profit data. Analysis and simultaneous display to ensure timely and transparent assessment of plant production operations.

"With the vigorous promotion of clean energy construction in China, by the end of the '13th Five-Year Plan', the total number of photovoltaic power stations for space transportation operation and maintenance services will exceed 5GW. With the support of space-level innovation and technology, space transportation will certainly help China. The healthy and sustainable development of renewable energy.” Xu Jie, general manager of Aerospace Electromechanical, told the International Finance News.

Coincidentally, as a first-class system integrator, the name Yangguang Power Station business is also actively expanding. At the exhibition, Mingyangguang Energy brought the world's photovoltaic power plant cloud intelligent management platform for the first time. The platform can remotely monitor the power generation situation of the power station during the whole life cycle, centralize all information and manage information, provide users with better power station evaluation, operation and maintenance and revenue management services, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and ensure and improve Power plant yield.